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In the Catholic Americas, the word retablo refers to a variety of devotional items. An altar retablo is the large screen behind an altar that typically contains a principal image such as a crucified Christ together with a number of saints’ images. In Mexico, a tin retablo, also called a retablo santo, is the painted image of a saint on a sheet of tin-coated metal, or earlier, copper or silver. In South America, a retablo can be a small portable altar, typically a box or niche, containing the image of a saint. In Peru, a retablo can be a box containing religious or secular scenes with many three-dimensional figures.
Bolivian Virgin Retablo

Bolivian Virgin Retablo 32430

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Guadalupe Retablo

Guadalupe Retablo 31299

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San Ignacio Loyola Retablo

San Ignacio Loyola Retablo 19030

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